FAQ about Florida Hog Hunting

Q:  Do I need a License to hunt?

A:  You do not need a license to hunt with us.  While hog hunting on private land in the

      State of Florida; you are not required to possess a hunting license.


Q:  Where are you located? 

A:  We are located between Deland and New Smyrna Beach off of SR44.  We are 30 minutes

      from Downtown Orlando off of I-4 and 15 minutes from Daytona Beach off of either I-4 or

      I-95. (See Map)


Q:  Do I have to wear Hunters Orange? 

A:  Hunters Orange is not required while hunting Wild Hogs on private Lands.


Q:  Do I need to wear Camo? 

A:  That is completely up to you.  I like either camo or dark clothing, but the stands that you’ll

      be hunting out of, have blinds around them.


Q:  What kind of hunting is it? 

A:  We hunt out of tree stands over feeder locations.  The shot range to the feeder is

      20-30yds for archery hunters, but is not limited too for gun hunters.  Gun hunters

      can expect a range of 0-100yds depending on which stand location they’re hunting.


Q:  What is the average animal harvested?

A:  80-140lbs


Q:  How big are the tree stands? 

A:  We hunt out of 15’ double-man ladder stands, Condo-stands, and ground blinds.


Q:  Do you have any Trophy Fees? 

A:  We have no trophy fees whatsoever!


Q:  Do you have any Cleaning Fees? 

A:  There are no cleaning fees whatsoever!


Q:  Will I be the only person or party in the woods? 

A:  When you book a hunt with us; your time is your time.  We don’t believe in double

      dipping parties.  You or your party will be the only group on our lands during your

      scheduled time.


Q:  How long are the hunts? 

A:  We offer a morning or an evening hunt, and we also offer full day hunts.  Normally

      full day hunts are booked for larger parties of 5 or more but not limited to.


Q:  Am I supposed to tip or is there gratuity included? 

A:  There is no gratuity included in your price/hunt.  All tips/gratuity are welcomed by

      your guide.  They are there working for you, and appreciate any “Thanks” you can

      give to them.


Q:  What’s included in the processing? 

A:  When your animal is being cleaned; we provided you with the Shoulders, Hams,

      Backstraps, and Tenderloins. (Ribs are by request)  You need to bring a cooler along

      with you to take home your harvested hog.