Florida Hog Hunt Yielded Some Major Dividends

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Florida Hog Hunt Yielded Some Major Dividends


For The Recorder

Every year that my wife and I have been snowbirds, I have found time to fit in a hog hunt and this year was no exception. This year Jim Bubb, of Mechanicville, and I returned to Westshore Outfitters for an afternoon hunt. The hunt was from 4 p.m. until dark. This year we were hunting a different area where they had several new cabins on the edge of a small lake. Temperatures when we arrived were in the low 80s.

Our guide, Cody, met us at the gate and explained the layout of their hunting area and that they had built new ground and raised blinds. We than climbed into a golf cart and headed out. On our way out Cody said that there was wet area where during hot day the hogs would wallow. About 100 yards from this area we stopped and Jim and Cody slowly sneaked and peeked their way. Jim had an “almost” shot at a big hog but it got away before he could shoot.

Jim was first to be dropped off and then me. And I was very impressed with the new blinds and their comfort. It was about 5:30 p.m. when I saw a hog moving very slowly towards me at about 80 yards out but for some reason he turned and started walking away and broke into a run. I should have just let him go but I didn’t and took the shot and missed. As I sat there kicking myself for shooting, I could only hope that I would see another.

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