Is this hunt guided?

Yes, this hunt is fully guided

When can we hunt Alligators?

We have the ability to hunt the Florida Alligator year round

When is the best time to hunt Alligators?

We have found that the best time to hunt is from May 1 – Aug 1st

Do you provide all the equipment?

All equipment necessary for your hunt is provided

Do I need a license?

You will need one license. This license is easily purchased through the FWC website. Check on the Alligator page for the link

Is this hunt from land or boat?

We hunt in styles that give us the most success. Some hunts are from a boat and others can be from land. All depends on what the Alligators are doing and also the area they are in.

How big of Alligator can I expect to harvest?

That answer is relevant to how much money you are wanting to spend. Smaller alligators are more common than larger ones. So if you are looking to harvest a giant, then that is information while booking that we will need.

Do you provide taxidermy?

If you are wanting any taxidermy done with the animal you harvest with us, all can be handled in-house. Hides can be cleaned for Trophy mounting to put up in your trophy room, or can be skinned for leather goods. You will just need to let us know on how to proceed with your trophy animals and how you want them processed.