How to register your bird

The National Wild Turkey Federation (click here) and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) recognize, in their respective turkey registry programs, any wild turkey harvested within or south of the counties of Dixie, Gilchrist, Alachua, Union, Bradford, Clay and Duval, to be the Osceola subspecies. Eastern turkeys and hybrids are found north and west of those counties in the Panhandle.

If you harvest a turkey with an 11-inch beard or longer and at least 1¼-inch spurs, you can get your name listed in the FWC’s Wild Turkey Registry (click here) by applying for an “Outstanding Gobbler Certificate.” There’s also a “First Gobbler Certificate” awarded to hunters under age 16 who harvest their first gobbler, regardless of beard or spur measurements.

What’s your success rate?

Currently to date we have a 100% opportunity rate, and a 98% harvest rate. We have had a few clients miss and also not capitalized on the bird when the shot presented itself. But all numbers are real and accurate for the past 7 seasons.

Do I need a license?

Yes, you will need a valid Florida Hunting License and Also a Turkey permit.

Is it private or public land?

All lands hunted by West Shore Outfitters are private lands.

Is your flock managed?

We do our very best to manage our turkey lands every year. We do not over kill a track of land for the sake of tagging clients out. We take calculated number of birds per track so that we can have success in the future.

Is there lodging included in the price?

We utilize local hotels in the area for lodging. The Client is responsible for his/hers own lodging.

How many Osceola Turkeys can be harvested in one day?

Florida’s limit is 2 Osceola’s per season and both birds can be harvested on the same day.

Is transportation provided?

Transportation is provided from the hotel to the turkey woods and back.