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FAQ About Bowfishing

Is this Freshwater or Saltwater?

We offer both Fresh and Saltwater bowfishing charters

Where do you do the Saltwater Bowfishing Charters?

We mainly bowfish out of Crystal River and Yankeetown, Florida.

How is the water clarity?

We Bowfish crystal clear springs on our freshwater trips and the saltwater clarity varies with the tides and weather.

Does this charter come with equipment?

All equipment is provided for our bowfishing charters

Do I need a license?

You will need a license for our freshwater trips. The State of Florida doesn’t allow us to provide you with a fishing license in freshwater. If you do a saltwater trip with us, there is no license needed for this trip. We provide all licensing necessary for our saltwater charters.

What license do I need for your freshwater charters?

The easiest one to get is a 3 day license and the cheapest.

What type of boat do you run?

We currently fish out of 19-24 foot flats boats that are rigged for daytime and night time bowfishing.

Do you bowfish day or night?

We are constantly on the water and watching the flow of fish. We try and put you on the most fish possible with a target rich environment. So it may be daytime, it may be at night. Summertime leans more towards daytime and winter leans more towards night.

Do you have children's bows?

We have bows to fit all ages.

Is your equipment gonna fit me?

All of our bowfishing equipment if fully adjustable to fit all ages male and female.

Do you have left-handed equipment?

Yes, we have bows for you leftys out there

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