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How to Get Your Meat Home

There are a few ways to get your game home.  Whether you’re driving, flying, or want us to handle the processing and you pick your meat up at the processor; we can handle it all for you.

If you’re driving, its very simple, just bring a cooler to put your meat or fish in and we’ll get everything all cleaned up for you and throw it in your cooler.

If you’re flying, every airline has certain restrictions and limitations to getting game and seafood home.  You will need to check with the particular airline you’re flying with because not all airlines have the same restrictions.

Here are a few airlines to help with the process:

We also have a full service processing for your needs. 

Once you’ve harvested an animal with us, all you have to do is leave it in the hands of your guide and everything is taken care of.  We fully clean, and quarter your animal to your liking and then put it in a cooler (yours or ours) and load it down with ice and take to the local processor for you and also pay for the processing.  All you will have to do is pick it up frozen and processed in a couple days and you’ll have meat ready for travel.  This service is offered to all our clients for $130 an animal, and remember the processing at the local processor is included in this price so you won’t owe a dime when you pick your meat up at the processor.

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